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The Brag Page

I am a software engineer who loves building and scaling big systems from scratch using modern technologies. I am good at architecting, designing and implementing backend infrastructure (workflows, services, asynchronous batch jobs) in Java and fronting them with portals in Ruby on Rails. I have a solid background in Computer Science, in part due to my masters degree from IIT Madras and rest of it due to my passion in computers since childhood.

I am a fan of Arch Linux and I love to tinker with my OS in free time. I am a fan of vim and prefer it for everything non-java. For Java, I use IntelliJ Idea which is an amazing IDE.

I am a fan of the novel The Blue Nowhere by Jeffrey Deaver.

Cooking and photography are two of my hobbies. I am good with Indian food (spicy curries specially). I have a Nikon D5300 DSLR to quench my photography thirst. I have two additional lenses apart from the 18-55 Nikkor kit lens that came with the unit. Nikkor 300mm telephoto lens and a 35mm Prime Lens. You may take a look at my photostream on Flickr.

During my early undergrad college days I along with a friend Vikalp used to run a social network for mobile phones targeted for Indian users. The site can still be accessed at Indifun.